About Us

Foundations of Success

Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation is a mid-sized law firm committed to the delivery of quality legal services. The firm's strength lies in the diversity of its human resources - a dynamic and aggressive team of lawyers whose varied experience and expertise is at work meeting client needs.

At Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation, counsel and clients work together to resolve legal problems by utilizing the most beneficial, effective and cost-efficient approach. While the scope and complexity of each case varies, firm members are committed to the ideal that clients be provided the best possible representation.

Members of the Winnipeg law firm may state a preferred area of practice, but it is also common for lawyers to confer with colleagues to provide each client with the most comprehensive advice.

The interests of clients of Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation are represented by a complement of capable litigators and solicitors. Litigation counsel deal with a wide variety of issues including civil actions, personal injury claims, commercial and corporate litigation, family, criminal, and administrative law.

The firm's solicitors attend to commercial, corporate and private business concerns as well as wills and estates, environmental and taxation matters.

Excellence and service is demonstrated in the successful representation of:

  • entrepreneurs
  • professionals
  • aboriginal organizations
  • governments and government agencies
  • not-for-profit groups
  • financial institutions
  • unions
  • developers
  • public and private corporations
  • small and medium business
  • individuals seeking advice and remedies for their particular needs

Maintaining Excellence

The professional excellence each member brings to the law firm is exemplified by their leadership and involvement in the community in which they live and work.

Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation's dedication to providing superior legal services has resulted in its representing clients at all levels of courts in Canada and in all areas of litigation. Members of the law firm have held positions on regulatory bodies of government and private industry and continue to participate in these areas. They also hold positions on committees and task forces dealing with economic, social and political issues. Serving as benchers of the Law Society of Manitoba and elected members of the Manitoba Bar Association, firm members contribute to the quality and improvement of the legal system.

The firm is proud of its representation in such significant areas as family law reform, environmental concerns and the support of charitable organizations, culture and the arts.

Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation's lawyers continuously renew their commitment to the profession by expanding their personal knowledge and enriching that of others by teaching at the University of Manitoba Law School, the Law Society of Manitoba Bar Admission classes and other specialty lectures and seminars throughout the province.

Appreciating Tradition, Applying Technology

The firm's lawyers are professionals who care about the traditions of law, the future of their profession and how the legal system may best meet the needs of the people it serves.

* At Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation the application of laws and remedies is enhanced with state of the art communication systems capable of producing documents and delivering information with speed and accuracy.

*The firm provides multi-faceted support by means of computerized word processing, accounting, administrative programs and legal research systems.

Bridges to Success

Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation works with agencies and community resources to secure optimal service and results for clients. Communication with other law offices throughout Canada and the United States, ensures that clients benefit from consistent, high quality service - extending the professional experience and expertise offered by Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation.

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